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"Our business requires us to deal with global companies. There are times when this can be intimidating, for instance when there are conflicts between us or when negotiating trade or franchise agreements. Ira has protected our company’s interests and has ensured that negotiations are fair and not affected by intimidation or the size of the other company or the law firm representing it. Whether it’s the day to day advice or negotiating large settlements or agreements we are glad we have Ira and Counsel Law on our side."
Stephen Krieger - President Barton Auto Parts Inc. /Napa

"I have worked with Ira when he was in house counsel for pthealth. Ira's strength is approaching law from an entrepreneurial perspective. He can help navigate both new and seasoned entrepreneurs through the often convoluted legal issues that one must eventually face."
Mark Cho President- PT Health,

"Since meeting Ira in 1992, I have been counting on his sage advice and counsel ranging from commercial and residential real estate, corporate law, family law and several occasions of simple personal guidance. I have always found him to be approachable and available. Ira’s calm demeanour and ability to simplify the legal options make him a valued partner in any situation."
Andrea Koronovich – President, Pipeline Communications, Toronto

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