A Journey to a Better Way

Our experience has been a combination of many years in private practice servicing our clients’ legal needs and providing the legal knowledge required in the traditional way, using the standard hourly billing model, followed by a number of years as in-house legal counsel for businesses that had the financial ability to take advantage of having their own dedicated legal professional close by. Having experience in both situations provides tremendous insights, when one is willing to pay attention. Thankfully we were.

It was through direct and indirect feedback during the many years of providing legal services, as well as by paying attention to the needs of those relying on us for legal services, we realized that we could do more to provide our clients with a better, more personally focused and accessible approach to legal services.

Officers and directors of companies who have the benefit of having legal counsel “on the payroll” respond to legal matters differently than clients needing to retain lawyers to provide legal services. They don’t have to worry as much about the cost of having their legal matters dealt with in a timely manner. Client’s retaining lawyers are much more concerned with how long matters will take and hourly rates of the lawyers they are retaining than do the management of companies who have the benefit of having in-house legal counsel. This often leads to differences in how legal action is applied to situations and even differences in outcomes.

Often clients decide that some legal matters may be too small to have lawyers provide opinions on because the clock starts with the first phone call and continues until the lawyer deals with the issue or provides the client with an opinion that the matter is not worth the cost involved. The advice to do
nothing is often the right advice but usually comes at a price.

It had become a concern that the traditional “by-the-hour” model can discourage use of legal services. We wanted to provide a model that encouraged use. Our clients have business needs and we didn’t want our pricing model to get in the way of that. We wanted to make legal services more accessible, not only to the corporations that can afford their own in-house lawyers but also to companies that do not have that luxury.
We introduced the flat rate / block fee model to clients. We hoped that clients would be worried less about the clock and more focused on what mattered most to them, growing their businesses and that is exactly what happened. We found clients more comfortable knowing in advance what legal services would cost, with less room for surprises.

Next we wanted to address clients’ concerns that some legal matters are too small to pay a lawyer to deal with or that calling a lawyer is often very expensive. These are very valid concerns. We wanted to provide a model that makes calling your lawyer more accessible and more affordable, so that no question is too small to ask for legal advice. Our answer, Direct Access to Legal Counsel. With our Direct Access to Legal Counsel model, no question is too small to ask and no question too big. Affordable access to your lawyer is at your fingertips.

We now provide similar experiences for legal services that companies with in-house legal counsel have but much more economically. For a very affordable monthly fee, clients can now ask the questions that need to be answered, big and small. We provide counsel to clients needing legal advice. When the question can be addressed easily it is. When the proper response requires additional legal services, we provide them on a very favourable block fee/flat fee basis. When the matter requires a more specialized response, we help you find the appropriate advisor to provide the representation you need to deal with the matter and we provide additional support in the same way in-house counsel supports outside counsel.

The feedback from our clients and many in the business community has been so positive that we have decided that our Direct Access to Legal Counsel model would become the new, permanent model for Counsel law offered to all clients. The popularity of this has been significant.

It is our hope that this changes the way business law is practiced in the future. We have provided a model that makes legal services more accessible and more affordable. Welcome to the new way to do business law – Counsel law.

Legal Options

Direct Access to Legal Counsel

Strong legal counsel that gives you confidence to make the decisions required to run your business-without always being on the clock. More Details

On-Site Legal Counsel

For larger, more complex projects that require a more hand-on, day-to-day contribution, we also offer in-house counsel, with competitive block prices and hourly rates-no surprises. More Details

Traditional Law Practice

Not sure exactly what legal services you need from day to day? We’re happy to sit down with you discuss your needs within our extensive private law practice. More Details

About Us

Ira Greenspoon, the founder of Counsel Law has over thirty years legal experience, in both private practice with small to medium sized law first as well as in-house legal counsel for a large national healthcare provider and a real estate development and management company, specializing in Medical and office buildings. Ira has also been very involved with not –for-profit and charitable organizations as a legal adviser, member of the board of directors and as President of the organizations. He is very approachable and has always helped people in various ways. His areas of experience include business law, contracts, real estate, financing, employee relations, business acquisitions and sales, leasing.

Our Mission

To provide affordable accessibility to legal counsel and provide benefits of in-house legal counsel relationships to businesses of all sizes so as to provide our clients’ with legal and business solutions for their organizations.

Our Commitment

To use our best efforts to respond to your needs as quickly as we can. All of your calls and email will be dealt with as expeditiously as possible. Our goal is to respond to you within 24 – 48 hours. Our commitment is to deal with your matters in a professional manner and to keep you informed of actions and developments as they occur. We are committed to providing you with the opinions, answers, guidance and direction that are right for you. We take our work and your success personally.

We Are Passionate. We Are Committed. We Are Creative.

With over 30 years of experience in business law serving the Greater Toronto and Hamilton region, we know the frustrations of small and medium-sized business owners who require legal advice and services but don’t have the options to match their needs. We’ve worked along side small and large private businesses and not-for-profit organizations, helping them prevent and solve legal problems with confidence. Our approach is unique and allows you to focus on the your legal concerns, not your legal bill.

Clients Reviews

Join the Happy Clients of Counsel Law and see why they love it so much

“Our business requires us to deal with global companies. There are times when this can be intimidating, for instance when there are conflicts between us or when negotiating trade or franchise agreements. Ira has protected our company’s interests and has ensured that negotiations are fair and not affected by intimidation or the size of the other company or the law firm representing it. Whether it’s the day to day advice or negotiating large settlements or agreements we are glad we have Ira and Counsel Law on our side.”

Stephen Krieger – President Barton Auto Parts Inc. /Napa

“I have worked with Ira when he was in house counsel for pthealth. Ira’s strength is approaching law from an entrepreneurial perspective. He can help navigate both new and seasoned entrepreneurs through the often convoluted legal issues that one must eventually face.”

Mark Cho President- PT Health

“Since meeting Ira in 1992, I have been counting on his sage advice and counsel ranging from commercial and residential real estate, corporate law, family law and several occasions of simple personal guidance. I have always found him to be approachable and available. Ira’s calm demeanour and ability to simplify the legal options make him a valued partner in any situation.”

Andrea Koronovich – President, Pipeline Communications, Toronto

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